Cappe's Steakhouse
Lunch Specials

Blue Plate

*All plates include bread, tea, and tax
Entree meat plate        $6.00
Entree meat and one side    $7.00
Entree meat and two sides    $8.00
3 side plate   $6.00
Child plate, 1 entree meat and two sides     $5.00
*Indicates child option
Extra entree meat     $3.00
Extra side item     $1.00
Dessert of the day     $1.00

Hamburger steak (with onion and gravy), fried chicken,
smothered pork chop, fried catfish* (with hushpuppies)
Sides:mashed potatoes, french fries, turnip greens, cole slaw, sweet potato casserole, butter peas


Country fried steak, Pork Roast*, baked chicken, fried catfish* (with hushpuppies)
Sides: Rice & Gravy, green beans, turnip greens,
sweet potato casserole, french fries, cole slaw


Chicken and Dressing*, Meat loaf*, Chicken & dumplings*
Sides:Scalloped Potatoes, Purple Hull peas, cabbage,
turnip greens, side salad, sweet potato casserole


Chicken Spaghetti*, Shepherd’s Pie*,
Hamburger Steak (with onion and gravy)
Sides: Purple Hull peas, Mashed Potatoes, side salad, Broccoli Casserole, green beans, cream corn


Chicken spaghetti*, beef tips over rice*, chicken Dressing*
Sides: sweet potato casserole, butter peas, side salad, cheese grits rice and gravy, green beans


Fried chicken, pot roast*, Chef’s Special
sides: mashed potatoes, mac & Cheese, side salad, green beans, butter beans, sweet potato casserole